Summer Drop in Camps

We LOVE making Smiles!

School Year Program 9/10/2020 6/09/2021 Closed: Halloween at 4pm, Thanksgiving Thur & Fri, Holiday Break Dec 23-Jan 2nd, & Memorial Weekend Saturday thru Monday, 
Summer Program 06/21/2021 08/21/2021 Closed: July 3-4th

Tuition is due the 1st of each month.  Monthly school year classes begin on Sept 10th and end on June 9th.  4 month minimum.  After 4 months you can easily un-enroll by completing a quick form.  Summer program is independent of school year program. PLEASE READ the PDF forms below for our new protocols and new monthly billing program

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Beginning Fall 2020, we have merged our Gym Bee program in with our Instructional program and no longer offer a Gym Bee Class. 

  • Jr. Bee is an adult-child participation class for ages 1-3yrs, 
  • Tumble Bees is for ages 3-5yrs, 
  • Instructional Co-Ed is for ages 5-10 yrs. (4 1/2 yr olds can participate in the daytime Instructional if they had prior experience)
  • Select Class is by invitation only based on skill requirements (bridge kickover & pullover on bars)
  • PEP School will be held for ages 3-5 yrs
  • Due to capacity restrictions, we are not offering our Tumbling Class or Ninja Class at this time.  Hope to add them back into the schedule
  • Our schedule will be changing as we adapt to client needs
  • $35 Registration Fee due once a year while enrolled


We have some spots for Drop-In campers who can't do the entire week. All participants must be members.  The annual membership registration fee is $20 and is valid for one year. These spaces are limited. Camps with availability to do drop in days will be listed on the calendar beginning May 1st.    AVAILABLE DROP IN DAYS WILL BE PUT ON THE CALENDAR BELOW ON MAY 1st..

Tumble Bee Camp (Ages 3-5yrs and Potty Trained) - 9:15am-11:30am or 1:15am-3:30pm  $35/Day

Mini Camp (Ages 5-7yrs) - 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm $40/Day

Day Camp (Ages 5-14yrs) - 9am-4pm $70/day

Cheer Tumbling Camp (Ages 5-18yrs) - 9am-4pm $75/Day 

If you need extended care for drop in camp you must sign up in advance by clicking here to go to our Extended Care page.

Drop in Days are not always available.  Noted below are the dates and camps available.