Our College Gymnasts

Harford Gymnastics has had numerous gymnasts go on to compete in College Gymnastics. 

Congratulations on an outstanding accomplishment:

Rebecca Robinson (Full Scholarship to Michigan State)

Jill Weber (Full Scholarship to Ohio State)

Kristen Grimmel (Ursinus University)

Amanda Lievendag (Full Scholarship to Bowling Green University)

Holly Weber (Full Scholarship to Michigan State)

Tracy Wolf (Scholarship to Towson University)

Bridget Young (Ursinus College)

Anna Willette (Full Scholarship to Eastern Michigan University)

Kelly McCreary (Radford University)

Amanda Busher (Ursinus College)

Lydia Thomspon (Gymnastics Scholarship to Towson University)

Ashley LeVine (University of Maryland)

Alexandra Pace (Michigan State University)

Emily Walstrum (Started Club gymnastics program at Salisbury University)

Brooke Hyman (President of Club gymnastics program at University of Maryland)

Michaela Soper (Scholarship to Acrobatic and Tumbling team at Gannon University)

Lindsay Rush (Ursinus College)

Meghan Manno (Salisbury University Club Gymnastics)

Jordyn Oster (Full Scholarship to Temple University)