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Ongoing School Year Classes! COME JOIN THE FUN!

End of Year Showcase

We love making smiles!

We would like to invite your gymnast to participate in our End of Year Showcase for our Gym Bee, Instructional, Mini Select and Select Classes.

Saturday June 10th

This is not a required event, but an opportunity for those to come and watch their gymnasts show off! Your gymnasts must be enrolled through our May billing cycle to be eligible to participate in this event.

Registration is required though if you would like your gymnasts to participate. Spaces are limited in each session.

Your registration cost will include one gymnast's participation, 2 tickets for spectators and a t-shirt. We will provide chair seating for parents to come in and watch a 45 minute class to see all that your child can do on Tumbling, Bars and Vault.

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Gripper Socks Required

All Class Students (EXCEPT FOR BABY BEES) through Pre-team must wear GRIPPER SOCKS. You can purchase them from our online store for $4.00 including tax for your child to pick up at class or camp and then let us know at drop off that your child has socks waiting at front counter from an order. Anyone attending our summer camps must wear gripper socks.

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End of Year Showcase

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