Every day, our employees come to the gym with a common goal — to provide fitness activities and gymnastics skill building for our clients in a safe, fun and stimulating environment. From toddlers and beginners to high level gymnastics competitors, we are challenged — and excited — to offer solid character development and gymnastics skill development to our customers.  Together, we comprise a talented, committed, and diverse group of people who enjoy what we do.  If you have basic knowledge of gymnastics, enjoy working with children, are a team players, thrive on challenge, and have a strong work ethic, contact us to see what work opportunities we may have available.

Employment Opportunities

Part time gymnastics teacher


Necessary to have basic gymnastics knowledge and the ability to relate well with children. Preferable to have early childhood education, physical education, movement/fitness background, early elementary concentration, or gymnastics experience, as well as a love for teaching young children.


Part time gymnastics teacher at the Harford Gymnastics Center. We are an established gym facility located in Harford County minutes from Bel Air, MD. Necessary to have basic gymnastics knowledge and the ability to relate well with children.  To find out more about us, please send us an email to fun@harfordgymnastics.com.

Girls Assistant TEAM Coach


This position is for individuals with leadership skills, strong communication skills, and an enthusiastic and positive coaching style with a strong gymnastics background. We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to join our team coaching staff that can contribute strong technique to our athletes in a caring and kind manner. Individual must have solid work ethic and be dependable. We pride ourselves on offering our clients top quality instruction and expertise as we expect all personnel to "C"oach "O"ur "A"thletes with a "C"aring "H"eart! If you feel you are the right fit for this position, please contact us for an interview.


Must have gymnastics coaching or judging experience and a strong technical knowledge of skills. USA Gymnastics Safety Certification required.

We have an established gymnastics team of Level 2-10 athletes located in Harford County minutes from Bel Air, MD. To apply, please submit your resume here along with a reference letter from a supervisor and another reference letter from someone who can expand upon your strengths.