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Baby Bees (age 7 months - 13 months)

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Infancy is a time of monumental growth in all areas of development. Childrens brains are built through their early experiences. The brain develops more rapidly during the first five years of life than at any other period. It is during these early years that the architecture of the brain is established.

In our Baby Bees class they are given opportunities to move, reach, grasp in a movement encouraging environment.   Class objectives include mid line crossing and bilateral awareness which stimulates cognitive functions.  Cross lateral activities using all 4 lobes of the brain by crossing the midline, increases cognitive function and engages learning processes.  Spatial awareness is worked on through gentle rolling and inversion exercises. Activities will promote visual tracking, core strength, coordination and balance. Playing, learning, and interacting with other babies and adults allows them to gain cornerstone lessons in social awareness.  Baby Bees are in their Golden first months of life when amazing neural miracles happen. We love sharing cognitive and developmental opportunities in an active learning environment at Harford Gymnastics!

Billing & Withdraw Policy

Click for our Billing Policy. Four Month minimum required

Gripper Socks Required

All Class Students (EXCEPT FOR BABY BEES) through Pre-team must wear GRIPPER SOCKS. You can purchase them from our online store for $4.00 including tax for your child to pick up at class or camp and then let us know at drop off that your child has socks waiting at front counter from an order. Anyone attending our summer camps must wear gripper socks.

Holiday Closing

CLOSED for Classes: Halloween at 4pm, Thanksgiving Thur, Fri, Sat and Sunday, Holiday Break Dec 24-Jan 1st, Easter Sunday, and Memorial Weekend Saturday thru Monday. (Team and Pre-team have different  holiday closings)

Important Information

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Baby Bees (age 7 months - 13 months)

By Invitation Only.

General Program Information

School Year Program 2023-2024

September 7, 2023
June 6, 2024

2023-24 School Year Program runs Sept 7th - June 6th. Four month minimum required except if joining in March and after, in which case enrollment through the end of school year is required. Last billing is May 1st program ends June 6th. Tuition automatically billed monthly. Withdraw form needs submitted by the 20th of the month to stop billing for the following month after your 4 month minimum requirement is met if you choose not to continue. CLOSED: Halloween at 4pm, Thanksgiving Thur, Fri, Sat and Sunday, Holiday Break Dec 24-Jan 1st, Easter Sunday, and Memorial Weekend Saturday thru Monday. Enrollment after March 8th will be for the remainder of the school year ending June 7th. No un-enrollments after March 20th.

Summer Camps

June 17, 2024
August 16, 2024

Weekly Camps are available. Closed July 4th for ALL PROGRAMS. Summer Camp registration begins around January 15th.

Summer Classes

June 24, 2024
August 23, 2024

Summer Classes will be for the complete 8 week SUMMER SESSION and not rolling monthly like our school year program. Closed on July 4th for ALL PROGRAMS. Registration for Summer Classes begins April 1st.

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