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We are accepting applications from staff members who want to do private lessons for the upcoming season.  Please complete this webform if you would like to be considered as part of our private lesson staff.  We only allow private lessons to be done by members of HGC staff who coach on a regular basis. As an HGC employee, you are NOT obligated to do private lessons, but we welcome you to be part of the private lesson staff if you wish. We do require private lesson staff to follow all our guidelines. 

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Our administrative expenses for private lessons is increasing. Facility Rental fee is $25/gymnast per hour. This fee will be added on to your charge to clients per lesson. Example: If your lesson rate is $40 then the cost of the lesson to a client is $65 for one child, $90 for two children (this 2 children rate would be $45 per gymnast that they work out among themselves). The additional $25 covers facility rental for the 2nd child.
What levels do you want to do private lessons?
Will you be scheduling your lessons through jackrabbit on your own or will you require HGC admin staff to schedule the lessons for you for a fee of $2/lesson taken out of your hourly rate?
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have their parent complete an online webform acknowledging they know all protocols.
enroll in the PRIVATE LESSON CLASS and will be billed an annual $10 registration fee to cover Sept thru August. This fee covers private lesson liability insurance for them for the year. (New add on charge to our insurance effective Sept 2020 that is passed on to the participants)
pay for the private by credit card from the clients account and will be billed $10 if your credit card declines.
always schedule private lessons on the Jackrabbit EVENTS calendar PRIOR to doing the lessons by creating the event then then enrolling the student in the event.
make sure the student is enrolled in the private lesson so their account gets charged properly. Only the office staff can delete a student once enrolled in the lesson. So let office staff know IMMEDIATELY if they Cancel.
Exception would be canceled lessons.
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have the parent (or another adult) in full view at all times during the lesson from the glass doors and not past the Beam Area
follow all Harford Gymnastics Club rules and policies at all times. Including health screening and enhanced sanitation.
ONLY come into the gym by the glass doors.
Air Conditioning: Air conditioning is NOT allowed to be turned on for private lessons unless you choose to be billed the $8/hr air conditioning fee. This fee can be passed on to the client by YOU if they are willing to pay the extra$8/hr charge. CLICK one of the answers below.
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