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Closed: Halloween at 4p, Thanksgiving Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun Nov 25th-28th, Holiday Break Dec 24-Jan 1st, & Memorial Weekend Saturday thru Monday, 
May Choose to do 4 months Instead of the full school year.  Enrollment after March 9th will be for the remainder of the school year (not 4 months), with billing cycle ending June 8th.


Summer Classes will be by the SUMMER SESSION (8 weeks) not rolling monthly like our school year program

Summer Camps 06/14/2021 08/21/2021 Closed: July 3-4th  Weekly Camps available

All Class Students through Pre-team must wear GRIPPER SOCKS.  You can purchase those from our online store for $3.75 including tax for your child to pick up at class or camp and then let us know at drop off that your child has socks waiting at front counter from an order.

Click on the MENU LINKS at the top of our HOMEPAGE for Covid Policy and Procedures


NINJA FUN classes start back October 1st.  Be sure to read the new monthly billing program we are offering and the new protocols on the PDFs below.

This class is taught as a physical class with the focus on coordination skill development and overall fitness. This is a fast paced class of movement, obstacle courses, cooperative games and challenges which helps develop coordination, agility, strength and CONFIDENCE!  Use this class to enhance your gymnastics skill development (minimal gymnastics skill development in this class) or as a stand alone class for fitness, health, agility, strength and coordination. This class is designed for multiple ages and abilities. Come join the fun!

There is a $35 yearly registration fee per family.  Monthly tuition is automatically billed the first of each month.