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Summer Classes









Closed: Halloween at 4pm, Thanksgiving Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun Nov 26th-29th, Holiday Break Dec 24-Jan 3rd, & Memorial Weekend Saturday thru Monday, 
May Choose to do 4 months Instead of the full school year.  Enrollment after March 10th will be for the remainder of the school year, with billing cycle ending June 9th.


Summer Classes will be by the SUMMER SESSION (8 weeks) not rolling monthly like our school year program

Summer Camps 06/14/2021 08/21/2021 Closed: July 3-4th  Weekly Camps available

All Class Students through Pre-team must wear GRIPPER SOCKS.  You can purchase those from our online store for $3.25 for your child to pick up at class or camp and then let us know at drop off that your child has socks waiting at front counter from an order.

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We LOVE what we do!

Teaching children is our passion.  We have many different programs to choose from at Harford Gymnastics.  We offer classes for children ages 1 & up.  Gymnastics provides a strong foundation on which to grow as it helps to develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and agility.  It promotes self confidence, perseverance, and courage.  We strive to individually challenge each student to increase his/her knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of this all-around sport of GYMNASTICS!

Our yearly registration fee allows you to enroll in any appropriate program at Harford Gymnastics.  Yearly registration fees are $35 for class students, $40 pre-competition students, and  $125 for competition team students.   There is NO additional registration fee for extra members of the same family to reflect a multiple child discount.  Registration fee and the 1st monthly member tuition fee will be due at time of registration and then billed on the first of each month thereafter. If you wish to un-enroll, simply complete the un-enroll form and submit prior to the 20th of the month to stop billing for the following month.  There  is a 4 month consecutive enrollment minimum to get the opportunity to experience our program.  If you unenroll prior to the 4 consecutive months (or the end of the session in June whichever is shortest), there is a $20 processing fee. 

 Scroll down for class times and monthly costs.  You can only participate in our classes and camps if your account is current.   Non class participants are welcome to join in our special events for an additional fee.

Monthly tuition for members is noted below for the different programs. 

COSTS WILL BE PRO-RATED IF YOU START AFTER THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTHLY BILLING CYCLE depending how many classes in the cycle and can only be accepted if space allows. 

There are no adjustments for closings, but make ups are allowed for our class program for closings due to inclement weather, power outages, illness, government shut down.   We have scheduled closings (which do not warrant a make up) built into the calendar for Halloween evening, Thanksgiving Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun Nov 26th-29th, Holiday Break Dec 24-Jan 3rd, and Memorial Saturday and Monday. Our month runs from the 10th of one month to the 9th of the next month.  

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All Class Listings (Monthly tuition noted for each program Below)