Staff Procedures

I understand that the coaches, administrators and owners as well as everyone at the gym will make a strong effort to maintain social distancing; but, that there will be times when incidental contact and less than prescribed physical distancing will occur. I also understand that the new procedures and protocols updated on October 22, 2020 by Harford Gymnastics is to help mitigate the risks of Covid-19 and other germs. I know that even with increased sanitation and enhanced hygiene protocol, it is impossible to provide a completely sterile environment; therefore, the risk of Covid-19 exposure and other viruses may exist and I accept that risk.
By signing below, I am acknowledging that I have fully read and fully understand the updated procedures explained in the Link above. In addition, my signature indicates that I will follow all the procedures described in the Link above. My signature also indicated that I will take precautions outside the workplace to keep myself safe. These protocols include wearing a mask inside buildings, social distancing of 6ft at all times inside and out and frequent hand washing.
My signature below indicates that I Accept the risk of Covid-19 and other germs while working at Harford Gymnastics
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