Events Calendar

You can easily sign up for Special Events by scrolling down to the calendar. Click on the event listed on the calendar to sign up.   There are no refunds for special events.   Students not enrolled in current school year program are welcome for an additional fee.   There are no refunds for missed special events.

We reserve the right to cancel any event, and give a full refund, if we do not have enough participants or if we are forced to close for our classes and need the special event slot to re-schedule classes for the session.

These are our SPECIAL EVENTS listed below. Click on the event to enroll.

PRICES REFLECT the EARLY BIRD Discount of $2 when enrolled 24 hrs in advance
There is a 10% declined credit card fee for payments that your credit card company declines so make sure your credit card info is up to date

The events below show the number of available spaces left.

HALF PRICE LUNCH BUNCH for SEPTEMBER.  Space is limited.  Your 50% September Discount will be adjusted once you sign up, prior to us charging your card.